Tensions between India and China related to the visit of Dalai Lama


Indian Junior Home Minister Kiren Rijiju said Tuesday that New Delhi respects Beijing’s “one China” policy and expects China to accept India’s policies. Dalai Lama arrives Tuesday for a weeklong visit to the state of Arunachal Pradesh. China claims the partly ethnically Tibetan Himalayan state as its own territory. Arunachal Pradesh “is an inseparable part of India, Minister Kiren Rijiju said. He specified this is “an artificial controversy.” Delhi says the trip to Arunachal is a religious one. China considers the Dalai Lama a dangerous separatist. The problem has an history. In the past, as a young monk, the Dalai Lama arrived in India after a 13-day trek through the Himalayas, disguised as a soldier to evade detection by Chinese troops. Indian government offered him a base in the hill town of Dharamsala, where he was allowed to set up a government-in-exile. Dalai Lama said now he is happy to be back in a region that revived his memories.


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