Harsher copyright infringement penalties in Japan


is known to be the second-largest music market world-wide. Because 90% of the music is illegally downloaded from the Internet, many people from have a lot to worry about with the new harsher laws.

TorrentFreak, the blog dedicated to bringing latest BitTorrent news, states that ’s Recording Industry already developed a system that can detect illegal unauthorized uploads of music and movies on the internet. This system will be reportedly implemented by ISPs.

Only time will tell if this will happen or not. One thing is certain: more and more countries are adopting new laws against copyright infringement or are changing their existing ones. For example, in Panama a law that recently passed raises fines for copyright infringement at up to $100000. We expect more and more countries to change their laws or how the current laws are applied. Websites that facilitate illegal sharing of movies, music and software will be closed and logs found on those websites will be used as evidence.


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