At least 30 people were killed Wednesday in a hospital attack in Kabul


At least 60 were wounded. The injured people were rushed to two other nearby hospitals for treatment. Some of them were in critical condition. The victims were doctors,  hospital employees and patients, injured Afghan soldiers. Attackers were dressed in medical uniforms. A suicide bomber set off an explosion at the south gate to the hospital before three gunmen entered the building. Afghan security forces and police killed the attackers after some hours. “Our forces landed on the roof of the hospital from helicopters and were bravely fighting the enemies,” Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Dawlat Waziri said. The ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq said ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.  The NATO-led international military coalition said on Twitter: “Once again insurgents show complete disrespect for humanity by attacking a hospital. We stand ready to assist Afghan security services.” This is not the first attack at the hospital. In 2011, the Taliban killed 6 and wounded 26 in an attack.


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