12 people have been killed in a Bali island landslide, in Indonesia


Members of two families were among those killed in Songan village including a 1-year-old boy, his 7-year-old sister and their mother.  The landslide caused by sustained torrential rain hit several villages in the Kintamani area at about 11 pm on Thursday. Five homes were also destroyed. Red cross aid workers, the military and police are searching for survivors. Landslides are common in Indonesia during the monsoon season, but are relatively rare on the tourist island of Bali. National Disaster Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho warned of more heavy rains in Bali as well as landslides and floods. Heavy rain would continue in Bali on Saturday and Sunday. Indonesia has one of the fastest rates of deforestation in the world. The resort island is Indonesia’s best-known tourist destination and famous for its Hindu culture, white beaches and lush green interior.


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