Eight dead in surge of Rakhine violence


One officer and one soldier from the Myanmar’s forces died in the attack. The government says that radicalized Rohingya militants with links to overseas Islamists are to blame for this and all the attacks from last month when nine police officers died in surprise raids on Bangladesh border posts. This Saturday morning 60 attackers armed with guns, spears and knives took government troops by surprise. The army quickly returned fire but reinforcements were needed as they were outnumbered.

Authorities have also heavily restricted access to the area. This is why aid workers and journalists don’t have access to the area. As a result it is difficult to independently verify government reports or accusations of army abuse. Human rights advocates and some residents have accused security forces of setting fire to homes, raping of women and even doing summary executions. The army and the government have rejected the accusations, explaining that all they did was just to conduct “clearance operation” in the villages.


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