Five ISIS leaders steal millions of dollars from the terror group’s treasury


If caught, the five will be arrested just to be then executed immediately. The robbery in Mosul comes after Iraqi security forces stormed into the center of Hamam al-Alil on Saturday. This was a strategically important village south of Mosul and its capture was one of the reasons why senior terrorists who hold Arab and foreign nationalities decided to plot against ISIS. Iraqi government forces are in a continuous battle to push out the Islamic State from the city.

The battles continue to be tough. Pronged assaults usually also bring intense street battles and with suicide attackers, casualties are on both sides. On Friday, more than 3000 Iraqi troops participated in the assault with air support from the U.S. coalition. The pace of the fight has slowed since then. Especially since it moved to rural areas of Mosul, which present tight and narrow streets. Some Iraqi forces on the ground have even complained, saying that the number of air strikes has been insufficient. However, the US-led coalition explains that they are providing sustained and even more intense air support than ever before.


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