Columbian model Juliana López Sarrazola was sentenced for 15 years in prison in China


“We are ‘happy’ in quotation marks because we know that China is very radical, and we expected the worst,” López Sarrazola’s friend, Alejandro Duque, told to the media. For introducing drugs in the country China has severe penalties: life in prison or even a death . It seems the Columbian girl was however forced to get involved in drugs business by a Columbian man, identified as Sergio, who offered her money threatening at the same time her family. At the end of detention she  will be expelled from     China. Juliana López was a student at the University of San Buenaventura, in the city of Bello, in the north central Colombian district of Antioquia. Athe same time she played for the women’s team Divas del Futbol in Medellin, Columbia.


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