More than 1000,000 satellite dishes and receivers were destroyed Sunday in Iran


He added that a total of one million Iranians had already voluntarily handed over their satellite apparatuses to authorities.However Culture Minister Ali Jannati appreciated that 70 percent of Iranians violate the law by owning satellite dishes and suggested to lawmakers that the country’s ban on satellite devices should be lifted. Conservatives regularly denounce the channels as an attempt to corrupt Iranian culture and Islamic values. In recent years, some journalists, documentary makers and media experts have even been sentenced to jail for having ties with satellite channels. In such circumstances there are some voices in the country sustaining that the ban on satellite dishes is unnecessary and counterproductive. The most prominent to sustain this is the President Hassan Rouhani. He is a former lawmaker, academic and former diplomat. In domestic policy, he encourages personal freedom and free access to information and has improved women’s rights.


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