Suicide truck bombing in Baghdad killed many people in the end of Ramadan


It was the deadliest attack in Iraq since July 2015. ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing in a statement posted online, saying it had targeted Shiite Muslims. Another attack, a roadside bomb, went off in the mostly Shiite Shaab neighborhood, killing five people and wounding 16. The attacks came soon after Iraqi forces declared Fallujah “fully liberated” from IS. ISIS militants are estimated to control only 14 percent of Iraqi territory, according to the prime minister’s office. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and lawmakers visited the blast site. He said he came to Karrada to console families and “share their sorrow in this painful tragedy that happened.” Al-Abadi called the Karrada strike “dastardly” and “cowardly” and announced a three-day mourning period. The anger of residents manifested. International reactions also appeared. The White House condemned the bombings. UNICEF reacted to the death of 25 children in the attack.


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