Deadly floods and lanslides in Sri Lanka, after torrential rains


More than 200,000  are currently being housed in hundreds of welfare centers across the country.A Sri Lankan Red Cross official who attended a disaster meeting at the Aranayaka landslide site early on Wednesday said it was feared the death toll was much higher than the official figures listed so far. Torrential rains have forced people from their homes across the South Asian country.Troops used boats and helicopters pulled to safety more than 200 people trapped in the northwestern coastal district of Puttalam. Flooding and drought are cyclical in Sri Lank due to a southern monsoon between May and September, while a northeastern monsoon runs from December to February. The northern town of Kilinochchi was struck by 372 millimeters (nearly 15 inches) of rain in just 24 hours — a quarter of the area’s typical annual rainfall.


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