Lingerie tycoon picked up a ‘child’ in front of crowd before realising he was a grown man


The ‘Baroness Bra’, as she was nicknamed after being made a peer last year, thought the man who approached her with flowers was an adorable Vietnamese child. Her immediate reaction was to hug, pick him up and cuddle with the “child” while taking a selfie in front of the 3000 people crowd. She quickly realized something was wrong when she heard some laughs, saw a lot of smiles and a huge reaction from the crowd. To top things off a woman who was sitting in the front row shouted from the crowd: “Put him down – I’m his wife!”. It turns out the “adorable little boy” was actually a 46-year-old married man.

The man was not bothered by what happened and his wife even joked about it by asking Michell Mone whether it was simply “British custom” to pick people up in that way. Michelle Mone later tweeted her shame: ‘Thought this was a six-year-old, picked him up, he’s a MAN’ and attached the selfie she made with the married man in Vietnam.


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