Decisions to ban alcohol sales in some states of India


At the opposite, the sudden move has surprised store and bar owners. They are now awaiting instructions from the state excise department about how should deal with stocks. The alcohol production in the country had don’t stopped because there are other regions where it is sold. Prohibition was one of Kumar’s main campaign promises to women voters in state elections last year and it was not evaluated how the lost in revenue from taxes will influence the budget. Should be interesting to know however  how many others electoral promises were confirmed in the country or will be in the future.

According to a World Wealth Organization report for the last years, 30 % of Indian population consumes alcohol regularly and the average Indian consumes 4.3 alcohol liters per year. However the alcohol consumption per year for the average rural Indian is 11.4 liters. The alcoholism increased between 1992 and time present.Alcohol-related deaths and deaths caused by diseases due to alcoholism are a major cause to concern in the country.


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