McDonald’s Gray Buns featured by modern China limited edition burger


The fast-food sandwich is nothing like what Western consumers are used to. This is because he difference to a normal McDonalds burger is not just in its bun which has recently become so popular across the Asian nation. This modern China Burger has pork meat instead of a beef patty, Pork is very popular in China too. The intriguing color can be easily explained. As expected the buns are nothing like traditional bread-like buns. A traditional Chinese steamed bun (mantou) is used instead. This is then dyed using black sesame seeds.

Consumers have become more aware that fast-food will cause them obesity problems in the long-run and as a result a lot of chains have noticed a drop in sales. McDonald’s is one of the fastfood chains which is affected by this and it has even taken measures this year in April when it announced it will close 350 under-performing stores from China, U.S. and . This limited edition sandwich is a way for McDonalds to lure back customers in and remind them once more how tasty McDonalds food really is.


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