Woman killed by an escalator at a shopping mall in Jingzhou, China


She had a horrific death but she pushed her two-year-old son to safety into the arms of shop attendants near the top of the escalator. The accident was recorded on security cameras. Xiang’s husband was in the shopping center at the time of the incident , on another floor. Such escalator deaths are extremely rare but occurred sometimes in China. The case is still under investigation but it’s supposed workers forgot to screw down the panel after maintaining the escalator between the sixth and seventh floors. No comments from the maintenance service provider were made to the media. The family of the victim reacted accusing the mall not only for the poor quality of the escalator maintenance but at the same time for hiding to shoppers the information about the accident. The mall remained opened In the same day a boy’s foot was stuck in an escalator at a shopping mall in Beijing.


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