An Indonesian air force transport plane Hercules C-130 crashed killing dozens


At least 37 people were killed. About 20 people including two in critical condition were transported to Adam Malik hospital. The transport plane crashed only two minutes after it took off from Soewondo air force base. Previously, the pilot announced an engine trouble, asking permission to turn back. “The plane crashed while it was turning right to return to the airport,” Air force chief Air Marshall Agus Supriatna said . The plane was carrying a number of personnel who were to carry out a duty office rotation, an estimated 50 people. Medan, with about 3.4 million people, is the third most populous city in Indonesia after the capital, Jakarta. According to the Aviation Safety Network, there have been 10 fatal crashes involving Indonesian military or police aircraft over the last decade.

UPDATE: More than 100 people were feared dead.


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