The most famous cat from the world died in Japan and people had mourned at her funeral


They needed passengers on the trains and tourists to the station and Tama was capable to become famous and to get them. The cat had a custom-made stationmaster’s cap and a jacket and  “she was really doing her job”, as Mitsunobu Kojima, the president of Wakayama Electric Railway, appreciated Sunday at Tama’s Shinto-style funeral. The cat died of heart failure and now was elevated to the status of “honourable eternal stationmaster”. She contributed an estimated 1.1 billion yen ($8.9 million) to the local economy, it was officially estimated. Another cat, named Nitama, will take over Tama’s duties. But Tama will not be forgotten. Not only the residents will continue to say “thank you” but during her long service people took probably thousands of photographs which are now even outside Japan and online.


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