The death toll in Nepal rises after strong earthquake occurred


Thousands of desperate Nepalese spent another night in the open in the early hours of Monday, terrorized by strong aftershocks that continued to shake the country two days after the massive quake struck. People queued for water dispensed from the back of trucks, while the few stores still open had next to nothing on their shelves. The hospitals were overflowing and the power was off. Rocks were strewn across the lightly-traveled single road running west from the capital. Rain and cloud cover  had been hampered rescue operations with military helicopters. Many people have lost their homes. More than 1,100 dead people were in the Kathmandu Valley. The death toll in Nepal rises to 3,218, official says. Nepalese Ministry of Home Affairs spokesman Laxmi Dhakal said Monday that the number of people injured now stands at 6,535. Nepal is in survival mode, the damage is everywhere. The mountains that define Nepal make it difficult to deliver relief, though international efforts are in full swing.


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