Black burger to be offered soon in Japan


Kuro Burger (with variants Kuro Pearl anf Kuro Diamond)  will be  made with a beef patty (regular beef colored), black cheese (made with bamboo charcoal), a black bun (dyed with squid ink), and special sauce  with black garlic. It may look like leftover burnt scraps of a late-summer barbecue, stuffed with melted tyre fillings, commentators say. They joke when say that “black is the new orange”. “Kuro”is  meaning “black” in Japanese. The international chain says diners have given them a “favorable reception.” Some images of the new burger were released on company’s Facebook page. It will be available, however, for a short period that will end in November. That means that even Burger King is not willing to risk for a long term which might be a mistake in the financial plan.


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