56 old Indian woman saved her life killing a leopard


Apparently, it was an uneven fight and the beast had chances to beat the man. At least this happens in almost all cases when an unarmed human is confronting with a leopard. But not this time ! Ms Devi has not lost lucidity and her will to live was strong. So, she fought with the animal for more than half an hour using a simple sickle.She had continued to pound at the animal until she became exhausted and she killed him. After deplacing to the next village with two fractures on the right hand and one break in the left and many injuries to her head and legs she was transported to the HNB Base Hospital on Sunday. Doctors used up to 50 stitches for her wounds.

She is in the hospital but she is alive and is self confident. “I thought I was dead but I did not lose patience and courage,” she told to the media.


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