Strong earthquake kills 175 in southern China’s Yunnan province


 Just 277 miles away from Yunnan’s capital, close to 12000 homes were wrecked in Ludian. The earth quake was merciless and left an ugly site. A resident of Zhaotong, the Ludian county seat, told reporters how the streets everywhere looked like a “battlefield after bombardment”. Out of the 175 people who were already found dead 122 of them were from Ludian. But the casualties could be higher as rescuers are still going through the rubble from the collapsed buildings looking to find survivors or victims they can still help.

This was by far the strongest earth-quake to hit Yunnan in the last 14 years. The previous devastating earthquake occurred in 1970 when 15000 people were killed in Yunnan. The Red Cross Society of China has already allocated supplies to help the victims of this natural disaster. The people will get 2000 jackets and quilts and the homeless will get 200 tents to have a place to sleep in. Neighbouring provinces also sent supplies to help.


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