Indian landslide killed 25 people, more than 150 are missing


A temple and a primary school were among those flattened by the landslide. The tragedy came to light only when the driver of the first state transport bus reached the village a little after 7.30 am. At the village, there was no sign of human life. Because on the village is no mobile connectivity it took about two hours to information to reach the authorities. In the past few days the area received around 147 mm rainfall. It’s supposed that most of the villagers were sleeping when the landslide produced. Around 378 personnel of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) divided in nine teams are on the scene. Rescue operations team working on the scene comprise doctors and paramedics. 20 people were rescued until Wednesday evening but the chances of finding many of the trapped persons alive are not too bright. Even the faces of the deceased were disfigured, witnesses said. Landslides are common in some parts of India during the monsoon rains.


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