A TransAsia passenger plane crashed in Taiwan killing 51 people


It was a domestic flight. Flight GE 222 took off at 5 p.m. in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second largest city. The plane was scheduled to land at Magong but the visibility was bad as the plane was trying to land, due to the fact that a typhoon had just left the area. Typhoon Matmo slammed into Taiwan on Wednesday with heavy rains and strong winds, shutting financial markets and schools. The plane lost contact with the tower when it was about 300 feet above the ground. “It’s chaotic on the scene,” Jean Shen, director of the civil aviation authorities told to the media. No more details were immediately available. TransAsia Airways has a fleet of 23 mostly Airbus aircrafts, serving many Asian destinations including , Thailand and Cambodia. This plane was 14 years old. An emergency meeting was called at The Aviation Safety Council.


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