Seven people died in Cambodia searching 75 cents


His 11-year-old boy and six other people went into the well a short time. They fell into a coma at the bottom of the well because of a lack of oxygen and they died. Two women were between them. “When relatives and villagers saw the man collapsed at the well’s bottom, they subsequently got into the well to help him and they all also fainted and died in the well,” the police officer Capt. Muy Norn told to the media.“My youngest brother thought the amount of money was huge for poor people like us,” said the daughter of the first man. The minimum wage in Cambodia is about 126,000 riel (about $30, from 2010 to 2014) according to The price of a liter of milk is $1.75. A fresh white bread (500 g) is $0.98. The meal at an inexpensive restaurant, for one person, is $3.50. In a list of countries by the percentage of their population with an income of less than 1.25 US dollars Cambodia is on the 18th.position.


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