The Ex-girlfriend of the North Korea’s leader was not executed, as the rumors told


Hyon Song-Wol is considered an ‘Ex-girlfriend ‘ of North Korea’s Kim leader. Something is correct because the 31-year-old North Korean leader and the performer have been teenage lovers. They had been forced to separate by Kim’s father and each of them had after its own way. After months of speculation about whether Hyon Song-Wol was alive, this was the moment of the truth. Even if the South Korean newspaper it’s supposed to have close links to its country’s intelligence services, this time they have circulated a false rumor. However, last summer, some intrigue developed in the palace , which incurred the displeasure of Ri Sol-ju, Kim’s wife. Hyon Song-Wol expressed now gratitude for Kim’s leadership in the television appearance. She assumed the goal to work harder to “stoke up the flame for art and creative work”.


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