Gold bars recovered from the stomach of an Indian businessman


He found 12 gold bars doing a three-hour-long operation. The patient was admitted in the hospital with symptoms of “acute intestinal obstruction”. The man initially told doctors he had accidentally swallowed a bottle cap and was suffering from severe pain in his abdomen. As doctors said, the man is lucky to be alive. He tried to eliminate gold drinking lots of water and taking laxatives. He was discharged from the hospital on April 15. Police were contacted because he swallowed the gold in Singapore to smuggle the bars into his country. The gold, with an estimated value of $23,300 (£13,900), was confiscated. India is the world’s largest consumer of gold. It increased the duty on gold imports for the second time in six months attempting to rein in surging demand because gold imports are also one of the biggest contributors to India’s current account deficit. It was strange that the protagonist of this story is a wealthy man with a good business.


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