A big bomb explosion in a fruit market killed 23 in Islamabad


The five kg bomb was placed in a carton of guavas. A crater over a foot deep formed in the center of the market. It was the  most crowded auction from the last period, in the season of guavas. The guavas come in big quantities  from Punjab but the origin of the bomb was not determined .
This market in Islamabad has over 25,000 acres. It doesn’t have walls to limit it clearly and the security guards are not armed. The market was open in 1983 and because it is the biggest from a large area the merchandise it attracts not only local producers but at the same time people from , China and Kabul. Unfortunately, the trucks are not scanned when coming in.
About 600 firms, dealing with fruits and vegetables were represented in the scene when the explosion occurred. At least 100 people come and go in the market daily.
Another bomb explosion took place in the same market about 15 years ago.


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