Nepal wants to increase security on Everest

The Everest ascension will become more secure this year, at least about the possibility of some human brawls occuring, as it happened in the past year. An official of the Nepali tourism ministry declared to the media that a security team of nine, formed from officers of Nepal’s army, police and the armed police force, in equal number from each part, will be active beginning April on the Everest base camp.

Another important attribution of the security office will be to help climbers in distress, if dangerous situations will occur. Last year, a conflict between a group of European climbers and Sherpas, generated around the fixing of ropes on the slope, was presented in the media all around the world and such possible episodes are susceptible to represent a security threat for the climbers.
Nepal is interested to maintain a high number of people who visit and try to escalate Everest because this is a source of money for the local population. The officials are committed to offering more arguments to climbers to come here. The world highest mountain (8,848 meters / 29,029 ft) was scaled by more than 3,000 from the first ascension of Edmund Hillary and Tenzig Norgay in 1953.
A new climbing season is coming soon.