New bombings attacks killed scores people in Baghdad


A bomber struck a restaurant. Another explosion, a suicide bombing, occurred near the entrance to Iraq’s Foreign Ministry and another blast targeted one of the capital’s main commercial areas, the A-Sanak area of Baghdad.
After some hours, two car bombs exploded near a commercial area in southeastern Baghdad, another at a coffee shop and another outside the Turkish consulate. Many gunmen targeted the Um al-Rabiein police station. Some rocket-propelled grenades were used.
It’s unclear who and why produced the new violence in Iraq. It was condemned by the United Nations’ special representative in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov. He asked a common action against the terrorism. “Those who orchestrate such attacks should be condemned by all political, religious and civic leaders in the country”, he said.
Such unstable conditions and threats can affect the future parliamentary elections scheduled for April 30. A governmental decision is possible to introduce a delay.


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