At least 18 people killed in a bus Skyway accident near Manila, Philippines


It is supposed that the bus violated the Skyway speed limit for this category of vehicles (80 kilometers per hour). A motorist who was on the way before the accident estimated that the bus was traveling at about 100 – 110 kilometers per hour. The highway was wet from the rain.
The Skyway management is now reviewing the conditions of the accident. A preventive 30 day suspension was issued for all 78 units of Don Mariano Transit. All its drivers are ordered to begin re-training.
The insurance company will give to all families of the fatalities P 75,000 ($1,687) each. The injured people will receive P15,000 ($339) each. This is not the first accident on the Skyway. The Metro Manila Skyway is an elevated highway and motorway crossing through the highly urbanized areas. It is the first grade-separated highway in the Philippines, still under improvement and maintenance. Construction began in August 1995.


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