A monkey ripped off a testicle of a little boy in China in a Zoo park


The boy was presented at a hospital and his actual condition is not life threatening but as the doctors said “his reproductive abilities may have been irreparably damaged.”

The Guiyang Qianling Wildlife Park has more than 500 monkeys running free. This attack was explained as a potential confusion for the monkey which considered boy’s testicle as some food because many visitors give something to eat to the monkeys.

This strong emotionally incident, presented on the Internet, received many comments from different perspectives. A person named Habokov, from Sankt Petersburg, Russia, wrote on a news website:
“Thanks to comedy movies and cartoons, most people think that monkeys are funny, happy, friendly creatures who'd be your best friend given half a chance. That's a big mistake because in reality monkeys are wild animals. The fact that they look quite similar to humans is deceptive. Their brains are wired differently to humans. Even small monkeys can be highly dangerous (can try to bite your nose off!) and simply cannot be trusted around children.”



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