Plans for an iconic Delhi mega-park reveal it could rival New York’s Central Park


Project director Ratish Nanda explains that this quiet plan to create the mega-park emerged because of the need to have a place similar to an oasis where the city descends.

While no formal proposal has yet been formulated officials already began discussing the plan. The idea is to have a 12000 acres park that would hold more than 300 species and well over 100000 trees. To have a park of this size it would require the merger of many existing gardens with a zoo which is administered by different agencies and with other heritage areas.

Delhi is already a relatively green city as it is full of small parks. The plan is that the park would begin with Humayun's Tomb surrounded by a complex of monuments and gardens. The sight will continue with the national zoo and then with the oldest fort in the city. Restoration work has already begun.

The narrow Millennium Park which is only 100 meters away from all this is currently cut off from this area. However, in the near future the plan is to have the Park bordering the Yamuna River running alongside.

It is estimated that the finished park would be a real tourist magnet and will attract somewhere around 20000 to 30000 visitors per day.


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