Two ships collided with more than 850 persons on board in a Philippine province


An oil leak on the scene made it more difficult to search survivors. The passenger vessel was loaded with 31,700 gallons of bunker oil, 5,283 gallons of lube oil and 5,283 gallons of diesel. A total of 7,413 acres of Cordova was affected Sunday and there are big problems for the residents in the area because of the smell and fumes. It is also a great risk for the mangrove trees to be destroyed.

Several fishing vessels participated to the rescue operations helping the Philippine Coast Guard. According to the commander of the military’s Central Command, a full-scale underwater was scheduled for Monday.
For the instant no more information is available about this incident. Coast Guard officials said that the investigation would start after the rescue operation. Both shipping lines were denied to operate more vessels before final clarifications.


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