India launched its own big aircraft carrier


The Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant (meaning courageous) is 853 feet (260 meter) long and 196 feet (60 meter) wide. It was designed to carry MIG 29K, Light Combat Aircraft and Kamov 31 fighters. This is more than five times larger than any other ship built in . The vice admiral R.K. Dhowan said this vessel is the “crowning glory” of the Indian Navy’s construction program.

The Indian defense ministry spokesman specified that the navy will have to pass some extensive tests in the next years. It is supposed to be commissioned for duty in 2018.

is increasing its military influence in the region, competing with China. previously acquired from the British, in 1987, a small carrier, the Viraat. The Indian scientific and technological capabilities were proved again a few days ago when the atomic reactor of its home built nuclear submarine was activated.


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