Irritated elephants destroyed homes in many Indian villages


After the dramatic event, elephants immediately visited nearby villages destroying a school and at least ten homes.

Wildlife Indian activist D.S. Srivastava revealed that elephants identified humans as being responsible for the death of their family member. They are powerful animals which are present in the humans life by helping them in many situations. However, in some cases, the ancient friendship can be disturbed. Elephants are intelligent and emotional. They react when they perceive danger towards them or towards a member of the herd.

Elephant mortality in railway accidents in India is high. The railway between Siliguri and Alipurduar, 74 kilometers long, passes through various forests. There are many trains that pass through that route daily and the probability that one of them will intersect with the elephant herds and kill one elephant is at a high level. This is why human – elephant conflicts are not rare today, when human activity restraints and modifies the elephant’s natural habitat.



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