The World’s largest building is now in China


In the center of the building a water park called Paradise Island, with a 1300-foot coast and beaches will soon be finished. As calculated, this will make it possible for 6000 people to benefit at the same of the available conditions. One could play in a wave pool or just take a bath. This area is completed with a giant LCD screen displaying videos of an ocean horizon.

The building has a well developed shopping zone, two five star hotels, several office spaces and a 14 feet wide screen movie theater.
Worldwide commentators appreciated that inside this building New Century Global should have placed 20 Opera Houses.  It is three times the size of Pentagon Building in Washington D.C.. This is also the size of Monaco.
The building has a fake sun shinning 24 hours a day.

It took three years to build this big project. But this is a sign of a booming economy that China developed step by step during the last decades.

The giant building was already placed in the center of the Tianfu district, considered a new hub for finance, biochemical industries and IT. A new airport deserving this complex will be achieved in 2020.



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