Several persons died and were missing in China due to the violent weather since Sunday



Dangerous violent weather was in different areas of the China country. More than 200 people were trapped for several hours Wednesday in a highway tunnel . In the Beichuan county flooding destroyed many buildings. In Chengdu, stone bridges and brick houses were swept away. At the same time, in the province of Shanxi, 12 workers were killed by a collapse of an unfinished coal mine, when a violent rainstorm occurred. 30 or so people were buried in a landslide in the city of Dujiangyan in the Sichuan province. Missing people were reported in the provinces Yunuan , Gansu and in Beijing and Inner Mongolia. State media reported since Sunday 300 homes were destroyed.

As the international correspondent reported, the extremely violent weather changes have caused chaos in a country where they are not however unexpected.



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