Van Explosion kills 17 children and one female teacher in Pakistan



When the school van caught fire, approximately 10 children sustained injuries. The children affected by this tragic incident were aged somewhere between five and fifteen years. In order to rescue the children, an emergency team reached the accident scene. To offer treatment to those alive, the victims of this dreadful accident were taken to a nearby medical facility.

Of the injured, five children were found in critical state and were transferred to Lahore for further treatment. Much to the awe of the families of the children, bodies of the victims are not recognizable. As a result, parents of the deceased are asking for DNA testing to find out their kids bodies.

According to police officials, the fire broke out because of sparks. The parks were caused when the driver of the dual-fuel bus switched from gas to petrol.

2 of the children survived the accident by escaping through a window when they smelt gas. One of the survived children said that rests of them were shouting asking for help.


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