Bangladeshi Female Garments worker Reshma Begum pulled out alive after 400 hours



After 400 hours of a bizarre building collapse that killed more than 900 people, Reshma Begum managed to survive and come out alive from the rubble of the Rana plaza. Reshma Begum came out alive wearing a Pink Kameez is now the third longest survivor of the world surviving the aftermath of a building for 16 long days. Weeks ago, the rescuers lost any hopes of finding a survivor.

The rescue work was carried out by the Bangladeshi Army led by Major Moazzem. He said that, the rescue team heard a feeble voice under the rubble and discovered Reshma at around 3:30 p.m. The discovery was made when they were cleaning up debris between the 1st floor and the basement.

After being discovered miraculously, Reshma Begum was offered food, water and oxygen to breathe. She was successfully pulled out alive and taken to the hospital.




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