Lead prosecutor in the Pervez Musharraf Case shot Dead


The gunmen shot fires from a taxi hitting the prosecutor in the chest, shoulder and head. As a result of the shots, the prosecutor lost control of his car hitting and killing a woman passer-by.

Guard of prosecutor Zulfikar, Farman Ali, returned back fire toward the attacker and he believes that he could wound at least one of the attackers. Farman Ali has also been injured in the incident.

According to police official, Yasin Farooq, the gunmen with other attackers fled the spot after killing prosecutor Zulfikar. He further added that a large-scale manhunt has been launched to find the attackers.

The motive behind the prosecutors’ killing is yet to be clarified, but he was involved with 2 high-profile cases. One of the cases involved the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and the other a suicide attack in 2007.


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