Indian Businessman Buys Baby on Facebook


The baby was born in India’s Ludhiana hospital and was sold twice within the hospital before the final purchase deal was made on Facebook. The baby’s mother is said to have been told that the baby had died, after her grandfather allegedly stole the child. The nurse in turn sold the infant to a hospital employee who decided to sell the baby on Facebook.

The man who purchased the baby on Facebook is said to be a businessman based in India’s Delhi. The baby’s mother raised concern about her father’s suspicious new found wealth, leading to the unearthing of the entire deal. The businessman’s house was then raided by the police and the baby was rescued. The police said that they believed a much larger network of child-trafficking existed and that children in tens of thousands are trafficked within the country each year.

Five were arrested following the raid including the baby’s grandfather and unnamed individuals believed to have taken part in the inhumane transaction.


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