UK Tourist Jumps off Hotel Balcony in India To Escape ‘Massage’ Offer


The woman who is in her 30s is said to have asked for a 04.00 wakeup call and that was when the hotel owner showed up knocking at her door. According to her account to the police, the hotel owner would not leave after issuing the wakeup call. She then locked the door and the only escape route she had was jumping off the balcony. She landed on the level below and sustained an injury to her leg.

The hotel owner, Supt Dubey, told the police that he had gone to wake up the woman after she did not respond to the calls hotel staff placed to her room to wake her up. Dubey was arrested, charged with sexual harassment at a magistrates’ court and he is said to still be in custody.
Tourists are said to be equally at risk of sexual assault, following last week’s incident when a Swiss tourist was gang raped in the Madhya Pradesh state.


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