Donors Raise $1.5 Billion For Syrian Aid


Ban Ki-moon, U.N’s General Secretary urged the international community to come forward and help the war battered Syrian people after attending the donor’s meeting taken place in Kuwait.

Te fund is created for only Syrian aid said John Ging, man in charge for coordinating humanitarian help in the U.N office. Not one penny is going for any additional activities. On the contrary, if the humanitarians back out of Syria, the fund could go all wasted.

According to U.N data, more than 4 million people are in dire need of humanitarian aid. About 2 million of them fled their homes and now are deprived of basic necessities. Almost 700,000 Syrians have taken shelter in neighbor countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia each donated $300 million. U.S came up with $155 million, calculating the total U.S aid fund to $365 million.



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