South Korean Civilian Rocket Launched Amid Tensions


This was the third attempt since; South Korea had tried twice to launch their rockets back in 2009 and 2010. The launch programs got scrapped for technical glitches.

This rocket launching program has made its rival, North Korea deeply upset. South Korea was among many responsible countries to push U.N to apply tight sanctions against North Korea due to a long range missile launch last December.

On the other hand, South Korea’s intelligence service has made an assumption that North Korea’s missiles are at least ranged for 6,200 miles, a distance that can easily cover San Francisco. But it is doubtful that North Korea has got both the technology and the guts to attack a U.S city.

‘Naro’, South Korea’s shuttle was built by Russian technology. In the past, the country threw communication satellites several times from Russian launch pads. South Korea targets to have its own rocket built and ready to launch by 2018.



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