More than one hundred people killed by lightning strikes in India in one day

At least 107 people were killed during lightning strikes in the north-eastern Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

The Gopalganj district saw the highest death toll, with 13 people killed. There were warnings from meteorologists for people to stay indoors due to prediction of thunderstorms. Many victims were at woek in their fields. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that there was "tragic news" of deaths in some districts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, in northern India. "I express my condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives in this disaster," he added. A standard compensation of $5,300 has been initiated for all the families who have lost members.


India and the South Asian region have lightning fatalities in May and June each year but there were only 20 deaths due to lightning during previous year. Usually, farmers must prepare their fields just as the monsoon rains arrive. India’s agriculture depends on the June-to-September Southwest Monsoon Season, which accounts for most of the country's annual rainfall, as much of the country farmland is not connected to irrigation. This year was not especially unusual.