Fears of a second wave of coronavirus in China and special measures in Beijing

China is closing all schools and colleges in its capital of Beijing as coronavirus outbreak possibly on the second wave has now infected more than 100 people. It is unclear when they will be able to reopen.

Schools are being advised to restore their online learning programs. Most of the cases have been linked to Beijing’s Xinfadi wholesale food market  which was shut down Saturday after at least 50 people tested positive for the virus. “Beijing has entered an extraordinary period,” city spokesman Xu Hejia told reporters over the weekend. Authorities in Beijing have described the city’s coronavirus outbreak as “extremely severe” and residents were told to avoid “non-essential” travel out of the capital. Additional neighbourhoods were fenced off on Tuesday, with 27 now designated medium risk, which means authorities can impose stricter restrictions.


Health authorities said sealed-off residences and people in quarantine would have food and medicine delivered to them. Companies were told to encourage working from home. Indoor sports and entertain venues have been shut, and libraries, museums, art galleries and parks must now limit capacity. Some other cities across China warned they would quarantine arrivals from the capital. A deputy director at the pathogen biology department at Wuhan University, told state media he believed the new outbreak involved a more contagious strain of the virus than the one that hit Wuhan