Burger King offers limited all-you-can-eat deal in Japan


"All you can eat" deals are not exactly healthy especially when we're talking about fast-food. But Burger King fans from Japan will be more than happy to hear that Burger King is celebrating its fifth year return with such an offer.

Burger King withdrew from Japan in 2001 for various reasons.

  • Written by James Mahoney
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New Pumpkin Burger for sale in Burger King Japan


Burger King Japan announced that starting with October 26 it will begin selling Pumpkin Burgers for a limited time. Japan is known to have a fascination for calabash gourds and any other type of gourd for that matter.

  • Written by Julius
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Cuddle cafe Soineya opens in Akihabara, Tokyo

Soineya is the first cafe of this kind from Japan. The name that basically translates to "sleep together shop" really describes what you can do in this cafe. The idea behind this type of business is rather strange.

  • Written by Jed E. Robinson
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