Rebel Army Collision In South Sudan. 4 Civilians Killed


According to Beko Konyi, a Pibor County Commissioner spokesman, trouble started when James Kuburin, who joined the military recently, tried to enter into the local market. James Kuburin was closely affiliated with Colonel David Yau Yau.

Konyi also said that the army restrained Kuburin from entering into the market and a heated argument started. At some point a grenade went off resulting into the death of a police man from military.

Another official said that more firing followed. The SPLA fired back and 3 women and a man were killed. The official requested to keep his identity a secret. Konyi confirmed the death of 4 people.

Military spokesman, Col. Philip Aguer denied the accusation of the SPLA starting the fight.

U.N official, Kouider Zerrouk said that at present almost 2,000 refugees have taken shelter in a U.N base camp near Pibor. Right now, the situation is calm but deeply tensed.


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