A new Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo reported a fresh Ebola outbreak in its northwest on Monday.

Health Minister Eteni Longondo said that "four people have already died" from disease  in a district of the northwestern city of Mbandaka. "We will send them the vaccine and medicine very quickly," he said. The capital of Equateur province, Mbandaka is a transport hub on the Congo River with a population of more than a million. The World Health Organization said it would be sending a team to help support DR Congo response. The Ebola epidemic in the country's east has killed 2,280 people since August 2018, and officials had hoped to be able to proclaim it over on June 25.


The eastern Ebola outbreak is the second worst in history. The virus is passed on by contact with the blood, body fluids, secretions or organs of an infected or recently deceased person and the death rate is typically high, ranging up to 90 percent. The country is also facing a measles outbreak which has killed more than 6,000 people since early last year, as well as recurring flare-ups of cholera and malaria.