Travel Alert Issued On Libya


The travel alert follows the September 11th attacks on US missions in the Libyan city Benghazi last year. The attack left 3 people dead as well as the US ambassador to Libya. Britain had initially issued a travel alert following the attack in September, but only warning its citizen against traveling to Benghazi. However, the travel advisory has been issued against traveling to the country entirely.

Italy had also temporarily closed its Benghazi consulate early this month, after a gun attack on its consulate. David Cameron, who will be hosting the Northern Ireland G8 summit in June, promised that on top of the agendas will be addressing the issue of terrorism.

The Islamist gunmen, who forged an Algerian gun attack earlier this month, killing at least 37 foreigners, are said to have entered the country from Libya. The attack was sparked when a military rescue mission was started to retrieve foreign hostages being held at a remote desert gas station within Algeria.


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