Seventeen people were killed in Cairo in a car explosion


The area also includes several government offices, including the Justice Ministry building. Egypt’s interior ministry said that a car driving against traffic on Cairo’s corniche collided with three other cars, causing the explosion. Why the crash caused such a large explosion wasn’t immediately clear. The injured people were taken to hospitals for treatment. A massive fire damaged several cars. Patients, doctors and workers were evacuated from inside the building.There was no official statement indicating that the explosion was an attack. A number of residents of the area transported the injured in their own cars. Firetrucks and ambulances were all over the disaster area.


Authorities have not yet said what caused the explosion. The country’s top prosecutor has ordered an investigation into the incident. Health Minister Hala Zaid told Egyptian television channel CBC Extra the number of deaths but did not comment on the causes of the explosion. Road accidents are common in Egypt. The country’s official statistics agency says 8,000 crashes last year caused more than 3,000 deaths and 12,000 injuries.


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